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Jeffree Star and Daniel Lucas have injuries after a car accident

Jeffree Star and Daniel Lucas

It was reported that beauty guru Jeffree Star together with his friend Daniel Lucas were seriously injured due to a car accident that happened on April 16. On Friday morning the couple was traveling through Wyoming and then the car hit a piece of ice and upturned three times.

After the accident, they were immediately transferred to Casper's hospital. As a result, the Star's back is broken and it would take several months to make a full recovery. Now he is wearing a back brace. However, his friend Daniel has intestinal damages. Man has survived colon cancer three times, so he left in hospital and is currently being monitored.

Star was recognized as the driver, according to authorities, and images of his broken Rolls-Royce. Police confirmed that snow fell in parts of Wyoming on Friday. Nevertheless, the roads were not closed.

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