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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez comment on the information they are no longer together

jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez is an American actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, producer, and businesswoman who started dating baseball player Alex Rodriguez in March 2017. But on March 12, 2021, the Internet was shocked by the news: famous American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé, baseball player Alex Rodriguez, are breaking up. Most recently, the couple discussed the wedding, but now, according to anonymous sources, their relationship is over.

Several publications have written about this. But fortunately, the star couple rushed to issue a statement and pointed out that these messages are not entirely true. Jennifer and Alex denied the information that they had broken up. However, they noted that now they have some changes in their relationship and they are doing everything to stay together. In addition, some sources stated that the couple never officially broke up or even talked about it. On the contrary, they are still together, despite the fact that they are in a difficult situation.

Earlier Alex Rodriguez was suspected of having an affair with the star of the reality show "Southern Charm" Madison LeCroy. When a teaser for a new episode of “Southern Charm" came out, one of the reality show members accused Madison of flying to Miami to "sleep with a former Major League Baseball player." It was noted that the man is very famous and was previously married.

Then many LeCroy fans suggested that it could be Rodriguez because he repeatedly noted in her comments on Instagram. In addition to this case, during quarantine Lopez and Rodriguez consulted a psychologist due to a crisis in their family. The couple formed in 2017, and after a couple of years announced their engagement. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has postponed the wedding of the stars.

And besides, because of the quarantine, the lovers could not often see each other. Perhaps now their romance is going through hard times, but the singer and the baseball player have not yet announced the break-up. Jennifer Lopez was married three times and gave birth to two children from her third husband. Alex Rodriguez was also previously married and has two daughters.

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