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Jennifer Lopez Officially Confirms Her Engagement to the Actor Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez Wedding

20 years after a failed first attempt, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are engaged again. The singer herself spoke about the joyful news on her personal website titled On The JLo. The actress posted a 13-second touching video where without a word showed an engagement ring with a large pale green diamond.

Earlier, the ring on the ring finger of the singer was the first to be noticed by the paparazzi. Jay Lo did not intrigue her fans for a long time and confirmed her approval of a marriage proposal from Ben Affleck.

In the 2000s, J. Lo and Ben Affleck were considered one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood and were even engaged. However, after some time they broke up under pressure from the media- the couple could not cope with increased attention, and the wedding did not have time to take place.

During the "separation" Jennifer Lopez married Marc Anthony, later giving birth to twins from him. And the Oscar-winning actor married Jennifer Garner in 2005, and during their marriage, they had three children.

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