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Jesse Larios Walked 482 Miles in a Bear Costume and Now He Is Planning His Next Adventure

bear costume

The 33-year-old data scientist from a medical company surprised everyone by going 482 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco wearing a bear outfit. The man named Jesse Larios started his unusual journey on April 12 from Los Angeles. On average, he traveled about 40 miles per day having only his phone, phone charger, several bath items, socks, and a flashlight.

He created the Bearsun costume himself for the 2016 marathon. In it, a man literally was roasting, going through the streets, and buying food at gas stations. He even managed to take a shower- twice in truck stops and once in a hotel. By the way, the hotel workers once proposed Larios a free room for the night, but he refused. He just took a shower and then left. He enjoyed the loneliness during the day, but regularly updated posts on Instagram written by his fans. At night, he was sleeping on the side of the road in a bear costume to keep warm. And he never rested more than four hours.

On Saturday, he arrived at his final destination. And Larios celebrated it by ordering a double shot of ice cream. He managed to gather around 17,000 dollars in donations. He is planning to donate it all to charity and demanded his followers on social media to suggest a good charity community. Now the man is planning his next adventure.

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