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Jim Belushi Divorces His Wife Jennifer Sloan After 23 Years of Marriage

Jim Belushi files for divorce from wife Jennifer after 23 years of marriage

American actor Jim Belushi has recently filed for divorce from his wife after being married for 23 years. According to the information published, the 67-year-old artist has sent documents to Los Angeles Supreme Court on August 6, 2021.

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The couple was already on the verge of divorce. In 2018, Jennifer Sloan wanted to leave the actor. In March of the same year, the woman filed documents to a court where she stated that opposed opinions and other personal disagreements were the reason for Sloan’s decision. However, the couple reconciled over a year later.

Jim Belushi, who starred in the Curly Sue and Wheel of Wonders films, and Jennifer Sloan were married in May 1998. The couple has two children. This marriage was the third for the actor who also has a son from his first wife. Other details are not yet known.

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