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Jim Halpert Blinds Meme: The Office Character Became a Main Hero of Viral Images

Jim Halpert Blinds Meme
Jim Halpert Blinds

For comedy fans, only a few shows have become so beloved and one of them is The Office. Since the main idea of ​​the series is expressed in the fact that it depicts the filming of a documentary, there are many situations in which the characters literally react to situations, appearing on the screen in the lens of the camera on which the documentary is being filmed. Of course, the show generated a fair amount of reaction memes, moreover, especially memorable images from the series have earned great popularity on online forums, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and other major social networks.

Jim Halpert blinds meme – a macro with a smiling character Jim Halpert from the sitcom Office. The picture expresses the pleasure of a certain person or group of persons that the blame for the misdemeanor committed by them is not placed on them; and is also used in other senses.

Origin of the Office Jim Halpert Meme

As is the case with other popular pictures, “Smiling Jim” first appeared in early 2014 on the 4Chan portal on a fashion image board. If you're unfamiliar with the history of 4chan, suffice it to say that this controversial site has gifted the internet with some of the most viral and popular memes. Some of these were LolCat and the equally famous Pepe the Frog meme, which has become a symbol used by trolls to annoy netizens everywhere.

The first image was used by an anonymous user of the 4chan board / fa / imageboard on January 11, 2014.

Jim Halpert

Since then, as befits images born on 4chan, Jim Halpert meme has made its way to the hugely popular site Reddit, where users began to use Jim's smiling face to describe situations that are funny and common for us. And with such a potential for expressing extreme satisfaction, it's no surprise that Halpert's smile spread all over the Internet. This Jim from the Office meme has been used to express thoughts about everything from history and politics to fashion.

On May 28, 2018, the user of reddit MrPapaya22 published a meme with a joke about the results of the First World War in the r / dankmemes community. His post has received over 6,900 upvotes.

Following MrPapaya22's post, other subreddit users started making their own versions of the meme. So, five hours later, the user ScumbagJoey posted a joke about the announcement of Battlefield V. His post has collected over 22 thousand upvotes.

On May 29, the format was noticed in the subreddit r / memeeconomy, where the user yoragon reposted the office meme about Jim, made by the editor vk1198, suggesting to use the frame as the format.

Meme Meaning

To begin with, the original concept of The Office suggests that Jim Halpert is the only person on the team who is conscious enough to understand how insane and incapacitated his colleagues are.

Jim from the Office meme

To make it easier to work in such an environment bordering on chaos, Halpert recruits a peer of his level Pam to plan even more intricate gags and harmless gags on his colleagues. Of course, these pranks only serve to make the office where Jim and Pam work even more chaotic, while another hero of the series, devoid of a sense of humor, Dwight Schrute, constantly tries to interfere with the couple's jokes. (It is no coincidence that Schrute is also the first target for Jim and Pam.)

Jim from the Office memes have several meanings. Most often, pictures are used to illustrate situations in which someone manages to avoid guilt for their actions, whether the situation is real or taken from a conspiracy theory. Halpert's face expresses pleasure or mockery.

The meaning of the second category, Jim the Office memes, is more literal: in them “Halpert” is simply secretly spying on or waiting for something, but at the same time his face expresses ill intentions. You can also see the office Jim memes exceptions that do not fall into any of these categories.

Examples of Memes about Jim Halpert

Crying Jim Halpert

Crying Jim Halpert

Very funny Jim Halpert crying meme. Jim Halpert's face fits literally all situations in life that can happen to each of us. Take a note of this meme template and use it however you like.

Jim Halpert Face Meme

Jim Halpert Face Meme

Now think for yourself what this face means: contempt, disappointment or uncertainty. Most likely, his smile and facial expression mean all of this together, which makes this template universal to use for creating different jokes.

Jim and Dwight

Jim and Dwight

On the Internet, there are a large number of the Office memes with Jim and Dwight. After all, many believe that it is the duet of these two guys that is incredibly funny and their jokes too.

The authors of the blog told you about the origin of the most popular meme with Jim Halpert – one of the heroes of the series The Office. But not only this picture went viral, because Jim is very funny and has a great sense of humor.

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