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Johnny Depp Complained About the Boycott From Hollywood. He Wants To Regain the Trust

Johnny Depp Spoke About the Boycott in Hollywood Over the Scandal With Amber Heard

The release of Johnny Depp's new film was first prevented by the pandemic, and now by the MGM film company. After losing a lawsuit against The Sun, the star commented for the first time on a situation that his fans have been discussing for a long time. The actor said that Hollywood is boycotting his works, citing the example of his new film Minamata which is denied a release in the United States because of the scandal involving the ex-wife of the artist Amber Heard. Such suspicions arose from Depp who cited the example of the last film with his participation that has not yet arrived in the United States, although the world premiere of the picture took place back in February 2020.

The rights to show Minamata in the United States were bought by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, but never released. The new film is currently the only project in which the actor is involved. However, in an interview, the artist said that he is working on several films. Depp, who is also one of the producers, stated that the film deserves to be watched, regardless of his personal problems. The film tells the story of photojournalist Eugene Smith, whose role was played by a 58-year-old star of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Johnny Depp lost last November's suit against The Sun which was related to the headline that he beat his wife. The actor also lost an appeal this March. In early August, he won a rare victory in court, proving that Heard had defaulted on her promise to donate 7 million dollars to charity.

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