Hollywood Actor Johnny Depp Won in Court Against His Ex-Wife Amber Heard
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Johnny Depp Wins a Key Victory in Court Against Amber Heard. It Can Affect the Case

Hollywood Actor Johnny Depp Won in Court Against His Ex-Wife Amber Heard

The New York court partially granted the petition of the Pirates of the Caribbean star, who accused the ex-spouse of lying about donating money to charity. Johnny Depp's lawyer said that his client was very pleased with the court's decision.

In March, Amber Heard promised that she would donate seven million dollars she got after the lawsuits with Depp to charity. But the actor's attorney, Andrew Caldecott, provided enough evidence that Heard stole the money. 

The actress wanted to give money to the children's hospital. However, Depp's defense called the medical institution and discovered that its workers did not receive any sum. These lies, in turn, can influence the case which Depp lost last year.

The ex-couple got married in 2015, but their marriage broke up a year later. Later, Depp sued his ex-lover and asked 50 million dollars for an article, where Amber claims she is a victim of domestic violence. But in 2020, the actor lost the case and decided to sue the publication.

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