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Justin Bieber, Wearing Dreadlocks, Was Named Racist towards Afro-American People

Justin Bieber

Singer Justin Bieber recently shared some photos on his social media showing his new hairstyle, namely dreadlocks. But it turned out that the new style of the celebrity offended the feelings of many of his fans. What's more, he was even named racist because in this way he prevents Afro-Americans from fighting for their rights. After such a change of hairstyle, many subscribers criticized this act and began to explain to the star that a white man like him had no right to wear dreadlocks. They also asked him to study such a term as cultural appropriation (appropriation of elements of a foreign culture). According to some fans, Justin's act looks especially strange in the background of the latest release of his album named Justice.

However, there were those who defended Justin and said that he has the right to do whatever he wants with his hair. Bieber himself said that in this way he demonstrates respect for African American culture and an interest in studying the Afro-American rights movement in the United States.

Moreover, the singer wore dreadlocks back in 2016. Then Bieber's act provoked a lot of controversy on the Internet about whether it is appropriate to wear dreadlocks for people who are not associated with African culture. 

Recently, in the cultural appropriation, Kendall Jenner was accused of having African curls for a photoshoot, Kim Kardashian for pigtails, and Ariana Grande for trying to seem darker than she really is.

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