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Justin Jadlika who is known for his number of plastic surgeries recently boasted another one

Justin Jadlika

Justin Jadlika recently surprised and at the same time shocked his fans on his social media page by sharing the news that he decided to insert several silicone implants in his legs. In one of his last interviews, he shared that he had been thinking about this procedure for a long time- almost 10 years. And since he had never heard of someone who did this before, the thought excited him very much, so he wanted to be the first.

Over the past few years, he has invested more than 985,000 million dollars in a variety of plastic surgeries. For example, inspired by the example of Elvis Presley, he spent 15,000 dollars on a hair transplant.

Dr. Barry Apply, the plastic surgeon who operated Jadlika, said that this is the first major case in his practice indeed. Namely, in one operation, as many as 8 silicone implants were inserted into his leg. Interestingly, there are 23 implants in his body now. Moreover, his body is 15% unnatural.

Justin experienced his first plastic surgery nearly 20 years ago and has not stopped since then. "There were successful and not very operations but all this is an adventure for me"- admits a fan of experiments. Nevertheless, this is definitely not his last operation. Each time he feels more confident and proud to be an expert in aesthetics.

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