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Kabul Is Empty, and the Airport Is Chaotic Due to Crowds Wanting To Leave Afghanistan

Kabul Is Empty, and the Airport Is Chaotic Due to Crowds Wanting To Leave Afghanistan

Afghans are trying to leave the country trying to take planes without tickets and standing on military transport planes. And when passengers began to break through the airport, the Americans started firing into the air in order to somehow stabilize the situation.

Those leaving the country decided to tie themselves to the landing gear, but not everyone could resist. During the takeoff of the plane, some of the people died. This can be seen in the last video. The riots at the airport killed at least 5 people. What happened to the others is unknown.

Many are escaping the country because they fear possible retaliation by the Taliban militants for cooperation with foreigners. Others do not want to live under the harsh Sharia law, which intends to establish new authorities in the country.

Meanwhile, the Taliban are releasing prisoners from Afghanistan's largest prison. The militants have reached Kabul and are standing at the entrances to the city. It is the capital of the country and the last major settlement controlled by the government. Taliban officials went to the presidential palace and in the near future, the official transfer of power will be announced.

It is already reported that the Afghan President has already resigned. He left the country and tried to immediately withdraw all the property but not all cars and money fit.

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