The Rapper Kanye West Bought a New Home in Malibu for $ 57 Million
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Kanye West Bought a Mansion for $ 57 Million Near the House of Kim Kardashian

Mansion for $ 57 Million Near the House of Kim Kardashian

Kanye West bought a new house in Malibu, California. The building cost him 57.3 million dollars. The former owner, financier Richard Sachs, originally asked for it 75 million dollars.

The area of ​​the huge waterfront home is about 3,665 square meters, and it is located right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The American rapper's new house is just a 30-minute drive from the Hidden Hills complex, where his ex-wife Kim Kardashian lives with their children.

The musician's new house has three floors- there are guest bedrooms with bathrooms, common areas, including the living room, kitchen, and the private space for the owners with a view of the sea. The house facade resembles a military bunker with tons of cement and steel.

Kanye West Bought a New Home in Malibu

The rapper bought the house from Richard Sachs, who was in a relationship with actress Ashley Olsen in 2017. It was her who ordered the renovation of the house. 

The structure was designed by the famous Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The minimalist building is one of the few buildings in the United States created by the self-taught architect who is a Pritzker Prize winner. In 1995, he donated his Prize to the victims of the Honshu earthquake.

The Japanese architect's creation originally hit the Malibu real estate market in 2020, but the sale was soon gone. It is not known what influenced the decrease in the price and the removal of the object from the open market sale.

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