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Kanye West Has Deleted All the Posts From His Instagram Account, Except One

ye deleted his posts in instagram

Kanye West has recently deleted all the photos from his Instagram account after declaring a desire to return ex-wife Kim Kardashian. The pictures and videos of the hip-hop artist disappeared on Tuesday night, November 30th. This also coincided with the death of Virgil Abloh who was Kanye's close friend.

However, the account that numbers 9.5 million subscribers remains active. The only publication in the account of the rapper, who had previously officially changed his name to Ye and abandoned his last name, is a video in which he declares in front of a crowd in a church in Los Angeles that God wants him to be reunited with his ex-wife.

kanye west instagram

Earlier, it was reported that the American rapper gave a speech at the church about how important his reunion with the Kardashians is. Kim filed for divorce from the performer in February after seven years of marriage. Later, it became known that the artist was cheating on his wife with a popular singer, whose name was not revealed. In November, rumors of a new Kardashian romance with the star of the Saturday Night Live show, American actor Pete Davidson, were officially confirmed.

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