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Kanye West Is Banned From Instagram for 24 Hours Due to Offensive Posts

Kanye West Instagram Ban

Kanye West's Instagram account has been banned for a day. The hip-hop artist was deprived of the opportunity to post and comment on publications, as well as send private messages for 24 hours.

It is noted that the musician’s recent posts led to such a ban, which, according to Meta’s management, violates the platform’s policy on incitement to hatred.

The American rapper allegedly left a racist insult on the page of The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, who commented on his recent divorce. Previously, the rapper addressed his publications with negative connotations to ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson.

The representative of Meta stressed that additional steps could be taken in the future if violations were again recorded from West.

Earlier in March of this year, Kim Kardashian officially divorced Kanye West. She attended the meeting online, but her ex-husband did not appear in court.

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