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Kanye West still doesn't believe in the end of his marriage

Kanye West is fully aware that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from him last month. However, he still doesn't believe she is so serious about this. Therefore, he did not give his answer to the divorce petition because he disagrees that Kim can actually finish the filing process. “He knows how Kim is doing and what's more, he knows she doesn't want to do this”- the sources say. "But no matter what is going on, Kanye is doing pretty well"-it was added.

Kanye really doesn't believe that Kim intends to end their marriage, so he didn't give any reaction and didn't do anything. It looks like he has no plans to give any answer anytime soon. An entire Kardashian family is now in a misunderstanding.

Kim has filed for divorce after the rumors of an unstable relationship. A few days before filing for divorce, the rapper brought several items from their shared home, including 500 pairs of sneakers, with a clear hint that he had no plans to return there.

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