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Kanye West, Who Broke Up with His Wife, Spends Time with a Russian Model Irina Shayk

kanye west and irina shake

Rapper Kanye West, who recently broke up with his wife, Kim Kardashian, now spends time with Russian model Irina Shayk. It was reported that the couple (if we can call them that already) celebrated West's birthday that took place in France together. The artist spent his 44th birthday in the company of several close friends and Irina in the picturesque Provence region.

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Then, after spending a romantic mini-vacation in a luxury French hotel, they returned to New York together where they were noticed by the paparazzi.

The American media confidently report that the model and the rapper are connected not just by friendly relations. Rumors about their romance have been circulating for several weeks, and now, of course, Irina and Kanye became the most discussed couple of the month. According to the sources, their close communication began in March.

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