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Kanye West's fortune grows to 6.6 Billion $ that makes him the richest black man in the US

kanye west

Kanye West, who has 22 Grammy awards, 140 million sales of albums, and infinite world tours, is considered one of the best artists of the times. With the growth of his shoes and clothes manufacture, he is additionally one of the richest celebrities in the whole world.

Last April, it was discovered Kanye West turned out to be a billionaire after revealing the details about the remarkable progress of his Yeezy brand were revealed. By the way, he is not just a billionaire, he is a multi-billionaire. Before, his capital was estimated at 3.2 billion dollars. But today, according to a new estimate, the cost of Kanye's business with Adidas varies in 3.2 billion and 4.7 billion dollars. In addition, his collaboration with The Gap is estimated at more than 1 billion dollars.

Kanye West jumped from 4th place to 1st, is by far the richest black man in the history of America, with a fortune of 6.6 billion dollars. He is also the third richest celebrity on the planet.

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