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Kate Winslet says she knows gay actors who are afraid the exposure will destroy their careers

kate winslet

According to Kate Winslet, she knows Hollywood gay actors, who are afraid that the confession will destroy their careers. However she couldn't tell the exact number but some of them are well-known, some only beginners. But all of them fear that their sexual preference will be found out and due to this they can't get certain roles.

"I have examples of American actors who completely hide their sexuality. And it is truly sad and hurts. They are afraid to be exposed one day. And unfortunately, this blame mostly applies to men"- the actress said.

She believes that talking about people's sexuality, namely men's, is really important. And she hopes that time will come for sure when gay actors get the roles automatically. And the sexual preference won't matter.

She also added that she feels uncomfortable while playing a lesbian because she may "steal" that role away from someone. A person, to whom that role was never offered. 

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