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The Hollywood Actor Keanu Reeves Donated the Money From Matrix to a Charity

keanu reeves donated money

Keanu Reeves, known for starring in the films The Matrix and John Wick, surprised fans with a new accomplishment. The information appeared on the network about the new feat of the 57-year-old actor. It became known that the man donated most of the money to the fight against leukemia. For the first part of The Matrix, released back in 1999, the actor received 45 million dollars. Then he was paid 10 million for shooting, and another 35 he received after the release of the film itself. And 70 percent of the total amount for the role of Neo was donated for blood cancer research.

And this became known only twenty years later. At that time, his younger sister had been struggling with a terrible disease for eight years. She was diagnosed with blood cancer in 1991 and spent ten years fighting before finally going into remission in 2001. Keanu continued to donate money for research even after Kim recovered. In addition, he secretly created his own foundation to fight cancer and help children's hospitals.

And two years ago, the man put up for auction a 15-minute date with himself and promised to donate money to Camp Rainbow Gold, a summer program for children with cancer. The winner allegedly paid over 19,000 dollars for a short date with the Hollywood actor.

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