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Do You Know What The Word KEK Is? Let's Figure Out The KEK Meaning And Origin Below

Communication on social networks and forums can cause some degree of discomfort if you are not familiar with youth slang. If the meaning of such common words as IMHO or LOL is already familiar to many, then the word KEK remains a mystery for many. So what kind of KEK is this?

KEK Meaning


KEK - means a malevolent laugh with a great deal of irony, close to mockery. Depending on the context, this word can take on many shades, but if, for example, on Reddit someone called you a cake, it means that you are in a stupid situation, an absurd situation, something akin to when they say “ sat in a galosh ”, but with a much greater degree of irony.

Yes, yes, on forums, social networks and other platforms, there will certainly be people who will gladly "poke their noses" at you if you have made a mistake somewhere or asked a question that is incorrect from their point of view. There is nothing you can do about it, the Internet space lives by its own rules and laws.

The word top KEK, like many other jargon, is used most often among young people, including in the gaming environment. In a general sense, it means ironic (and often snide, spiteful, sarcastic) laughter, in contrast, by the way, from the concept of LOL, which personifies sincere laughter as approval of a successful joke. You can ask "What does top KEK mean?" This word may have slightly different meanings, it all depends on the specific situation. In general, there is a very wide semantic spectrum.

Kek is essentially a synonym for lol, which is also slang. But if lol means smile or grin, then topKEK rather means mockery, which has a more offensive connotation.

Spreading of KEK


It is believed that for the first time in the game World of Warcraft KEK began to be actively used among players and served as an abbreviation for "kekeke" in online correspondence, which meant laughter. Kekeke was gradually reduced to kek and was used in the online environment.

Many search engines ask a strange at first glance question "why Shrek is KEK". Indeed, there are many memes among the pictures, where the image of a famous cartoon character is accompanied by this slang word.

The thing is that in the online game World of WarCraft there are two factions: the alliance and the horde, and the correspondence between them takes place with edits. When the orc player writes lol, it will be displayed as kek for alliance players. And since Shrek was by birth an orc (huge), they began to call him Orc KEK. All this seems stupid and absurd, but how stuck it is!

Is KEK Origin?

According to the most common version, KEK origin is associated with the Korean network game StarCraft, in which gamblers in space battles sent messages to each other with this word, which was intended to humiliate, show their superiority over the enemy and meant an evil grin about his defeat.

This raises the question: why exactly did cake become the jargon that expresses such emotions? The secret lies in the way Koreans convey the giggle or malevolent chuckle, which is written as "kekeke". Gamers have truncated this word to "kek".

Over time, StarCraft gained popularity abroad, respectively, gradually, and the word "cake" spread throughout the world, and began to be used not only in the gaming environment, but on all resources where there is communication between users.

Interesting Facts About KEK

There is a funny feature of this term that followers of Internet slang have noticed. If you type it in Latin on your computer, without first switching the keyboard to the English layout, you get "lul". And this option is similar to the concept of lulz (lulz), which means an evil grin and even the joy of losing someone's peace of mind. Lulz are used by those who are engaged in trolling (provocations and bullying) on ​​the network.

Another interesting observation. In official dictionaries, cake is a dehydrated sludge (activated sludge), the appearance of which (an unsightly brownish slurry) can cause disgust. Thus, there are unambiguous associations and an involuntary comparison of an evil grin with a disgusting watery gruel.

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