Kekistan: Meaning And History Of Meme Country | What Does The Kekistan Flag Mean?
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What Is Kekistan? Origin And Meaning Of Well Known By Everyone Kekistan Country

Origin of Kekistan

kekistan flag

The name Kekistan is a combination of the word "kek" and the suffix -stan, which in Persian means "a place for ..." (as well as the ending of some names in the existing Central Asian countries). According to an article by Ian Milz Cheng on the Heat Street website, the Kekists position themselves as “shitposters,” that is, creators of ironic, troll content.

The Kekists have created a mythological cultural layer around their fictional state, including its fictional story of the invasion and overthrow of the ancient kingdom of the peoples of Normistan (from normal) and Cuckistan (from cuckold).

Cheng also writes that Kekistan memes also has the term "Shadilay" used as a greeting, referring to P.E.P.E's 1986 album, which features a green frog on the cover. This song has also been used as the national anthem for a fictional country.

History of Kekistan

history of kekistan

The term "Kekistan" was coined by 4chan back in 2015. In January 2017, youtuber Karl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad, realized that "shitposters" technically met the ethnic group requirements for the UK census. He contacted the National Statistical Office of Great Britain and demanded that the Kekistanis be included in the census. After the release of a video on this topic, the meme began to spread rapidly with the hashtag #FreeKekistan.

Is Kekistan alt right? In late 2016 and 2017, the satirical ethnos received a political interpretation in the United States as a sign of alternative right-wing activists protesting against political correctness. The people of Kekistan even came up with a national Kekistan flag: it was created in the image of the Nazi military flag with the replacement of red with green, the iron cross with the 4chan logo, and the swastika with the stylized “KEK”).

What Is KEK

Initially, the word "Kek" originated as an alternative to the interjection "Lol" and was probably invented among the players of World of Warcraft. Horde or Alliance players were unable to communicate directly with opponents. All messages went through a filter, after which the text turned into an incoherent set of letters. Therefore, the already well-known Russian-speaking LUL or English LOL, having passed the filtering, was shown as KEK.

Read more about KEK

Destiny 2 Kekistan

destiny 2 kekistan

The Destiny 2 devs have explained how the White Supremacy Gloves came into play.

In a blog post, Bungie revealed that the Road Complex AA1 gloves, which are designed to resemble the flag of the fictional Kekistan country associated with the alternative right movement, were created in 2015. It was then that the team developed the appearance of the equipment for the game characters.

Real-world references, sports team symbols, and the simple geometric shapes that dominate Destiny's overall design and are associated with Guardians are the main sources of inspiration for clothing and weapons.

The similarity of the symbols on the glove to the Kekistan flag was accidental, but Bungie took notice of it. The subject was submitted for analysis by a special commission, which was supposed to establish whether its design could offend certain social groups. According to the results of the check, the coloring of the equipment was associated only with the "original, harmless meme kek ". So the gloves got into the game.

Kekistan Meaning

During the 2016 US presidential campaign, Kek, like the Pepe the Frog meme, came to be associated with the politics of the alternative right. In a broad sense, Kek is interpreted as the supreme deity in the pantheon of memes.

Maybe you had almost never heard of such a Kekistan country before, but you must admit that it is very cool to find such interesting information in the world of memes and the Internet. Moreover, each of us has seen the image of the famous frog Pepe at least once in life and used the word Kek in speech. I hope you learned something new for yourself and gathered some knowledge about the world of the Internet.

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