Word Kekw Origin | Find Out The Meaning Of Meme Kekw | Most Popular Twitch Kekw Emote
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Do You Know What Is the Word Kekw? Read About Kekw Meaning And Origin In This Article

Since the word “KEKW” appeared on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube and, in principle, wherever there is content for gamers, I decided to answer the question - “What is KEKW?”. This is one of the most popular emojis on Twitch, you should get to know and find out what the KEKW meme means in order to use it wisely.

KEKW Meaning

kekw meaning

KEKW is a text emoticon with the face of the Spanish actor and comedian Juan Joy Borja, which first appeared on Twitch and is now actively being inserted into comments. This is the same man who became the meme, "the laughing guy from Spain." KEKW emote is something like a laugh, like "azaz" or "ahaha".

Just like the word lol - laughing out loud - the word ''kek'' is a chat phrase that means the same laugh. It came into gaming slang from Korea. The word has become widely popular in Starcraft and World of Warcraft (which is why ''kek'' is also called ''orc laugh'').

Smile Twitch with the suffix -W conveys the emotion of a strong laugh from the viewer or streamer. This is how viewers share laughter and create fun in the chat.

Origin of KEKW

what is kekw

The word has Korean roots. It is, in fact, onomatopoeia (like kwa-kwa, ha-ha-ha). For the first time, KEK was used by Asian fans of the strategy game StarCraft. Due to the lack of a Korean keyboard in the game, the mocking onomatopoeia "hehehe" or the English "hahaha" was inferred as "kekeke".

If you type ''meme KEKW'' into the search bar of Google or Safari, a lot of pictures with the image of the famous cartoon character Shrek will open. But let's reveal a big secret: KEKW is not Shrek, and not even the mirror Shrek!

What Does KEKW Stand For?

kekw twitch emote

In 2004, after the release of the massive role-playing game "World of Warcraft", the future meme began to gain tremendous popularity. It's all the fault of the artificially created language barrier. Horde or Alliance players were unable to communicate directly with opponents. All messages went through a filter, after which the text turned into an incoherent set of letters. Therefore, the already well-known LOL (laugh, funny situation, person), having passed the filtering, was shown as KEK.

Among the users of 4chan, a parody religion (the cult of Keck) was formed, based on the worship of the Frog Pepe, which originated from the consonance of the jargon designation of laughter and the name of the ancient Egyptian deity of darkness Keck (or Cook).

This word is used in chat, on YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, that is, wherever there is gamer content.

In fact, it is a KEKW Twitch emote, with the cutout face of the Spanish comedian and actor Juan Joy Borja. He is known on the internet as ''El Risitas'' or ''the laughing guy from Spain''. A 2007 video of the year became popular on YouTube, where Borch tried to tell an anecdote and laughed out loud.In late summer 2019, the KEKW meme became popular on Twitch thanks to the streamers xQc and AdmiralBulldog. Since then, the emoji has skyrocketed in popularity, and increasingly replaced LUL, OMEGALUL, and other ways to express an almost hysterical laugh on Twitch.

A famous comic Juan Joya Borja who was famously recognized for his meme about a Spanish laughing man died. El Risitas passed away at the age of 65. According to a local newspaper in Spain, the cause of Juan Borja’s passing away was cardiovascular disease.

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