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Kim Kardashian Bought a Common House From Kanye West for 20 Million Dollars

Kim Kardashian Bought a Common House From Kanye West

There will be no reunion: Kim Kardashian bought a common house from her ex-spouse for 20 million dollars. The market value of the Kardashian West family nest in Los Angeles is 60 million dollars. However, the rapper did not raise the price.

The famous rapper was the sole owner of the property. However, the TV personality continued to live there with four children after the breakup was announced. The ex-couple bought the house in Hidden Hills seven years ago which features two kitchens, a separate gym, a basketball court, and a large swimming pool. Chris Jenner also lives nearby.

kim bought house near kw

Now, the entrepreneur will not have to move from the luxurious mansion which the celebrity couple bought in 2014 and completely rebuilt for themselves. Kanye completely changed the layout and design of the mansion in Southern California due to which the market price of the mansion rose noticeably. Now the price of real estate is estimated at 60 million dollars. Although Kim paid the same price as in 2014 in cash in order to simplify the transaction process.

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