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Kim Kardashian Is Being Sued by Her Employees Who Demand Their Salary through the Court

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian was sued after seven people, working in the garden and performed household chores for her, accused the star of not paying them. They state that the TV star did not pay them for their overwork, adding they were forced to work without lunch. However, the star representatives state that Kim has nothing to do with it and the money must be demanded from the company that provided the services.

According to the lawsuit that was filed this Monday, Kim did not pay salaries on time, refused to pay for overtime, and sometimes even forced the employees to work without lunch.

There are also more accusations affected Kim Kardashian being sued. For example, one of the workers, who is 16 years old, complains that the TV star demanded that he work more than 48 hours a week. Another said that after talking about overtime payments, taxes and lunchtime, he was immediately fired.
The press service of the star clarified that Kim Kardashian getting sued is a misunderstanding. Adding that she has never delayed payment and hopes that the conflict between her service staff and the company that provides these services will be settled calmly.

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