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The Reality Star Kim Kardashian Is at the Center of a Cryptocurrency Scandal

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Investors are suing American TV star Kim Kardashian over advertising for EthereumMax cryptocurrency.

Similar lawsuits were filed against boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., basketball player Paul Pierce and the creators of the currency. People who have invested in EthereumMax accuse its creators and celebrities of deceiving advertising tokens.

Investors say Kardashian, Mayweather, and Pierce have worked with the creators of EthereumMax to artificially increase the price of the cryptocurrency.

In addition, they say that the stars advertised a passive income option with high income. This could lead to an artificial increase in the price of the cryptocurrency. Although, according to investors, EthereumMax is unprofitable. EthereumMax denied these claims and said they would challenge the charges in court.

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