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Kylie Jenner angered fans asking for money to help her makeup artist who had an accident

kylie jenner

On the weekend, Kylie Jenner met a negative reaction after demanding her fans to contribute some money in order to pay for her makeup artist's medical costs. Well-known makeup specialist Samuel Rauda got into a serious accident last week and went to surgery, which cost is estimated 120,000 dollars.

Kylie Jenner shared a Story on her Instagram account where she asked her fans to contribute to the upcoming surgery of the injured makeup artist and his family.

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The 23-year-old celebrity herself donated 5,000 dollars. While her own capital counts over 700 million dollars. And last year, it was reported by Forbes that she was considered the highest-paid star in the world.

Therefore, her request for a donation of money irritated fans and other social media users, who pointed to Jenner's enormous fortune and extreme spending on personal costs, while many Americans are experiencing economic difficulties these days.

GoFundMe has raised over 99,000 dollars by Sunday night.

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