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Kylie Jenner Is Supposedly Expecting Her Second Child. Travis Scott Wants a Boy

Kylie Jenner is expecting a child
Kylie Jenner is reportedly expecting her second child with rapper Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are expecting a new addition to the family: the reality TV star is pregnant for the second time. The couple had been planning their second child for several months. And now the rapper is so happy that he even chose a name for his baby- Jacques. This is the real name of the artist, in addition, that is the name of his father. Although the sex of the child cannot yet be determined due to the early pregnancy.

Many news websites have already congratulated the 24-year-old billionaire and her boyfriend on the happy occasion. According to insiders, the girl's relatives are already aware of her pregnancy and are very happy. Interestingly, fans suspected the TV star and entrepreneur of pregnancy according to an old manicure. The photo and corresponding user comments appeared on her Instagram account.

The celebrity has published a series of pictures in honor of her 24th birthday. In the frames, she poses by a tangerine tree in a knitted tight-fitting olive-colored suit with a glass of wine in her hand. In addition, in the InstaStory, Jenner showed subscribers her french manicure with bright nail tips. Fans questioned the relevance of the publication. Many noted that with the same manicure, the star appeared in the photo two months ago. Kylie herself has not yet commented on these assumptions.

Earlier in August, fans drew attention to changes in the behavior and preferences of the businesswoman after analyzing her recent posts on Instagram. For example, according to subscribers, the star recently gave up an alcoholic cocktail and sushi with raw fish due to the fact that she was expecting a baby.

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Kylie Jenner recently renewed a romantic relationship with her lover. Kylie and Travis have parted ways and gotten back together on several occasions since they first started dating in 2017. The couple is already raising a common child, a three-year-old daughter Stormi, who was born on February 1, 2018.

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