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Lady Gaga Can Win an Oscar for Her Role in the Acclaimed Film House of Gucci

Lady Gaga house of gucci

On November 25, House of Gucci was released worldwide. The film starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver tells the story of the heir to the Gucci fashion house, Maurizio Gucci, and his extravagant wife Patrizia Reggiani.

In social networks, people became interested in the forthcoming movie during the filming, when pictures appeared on the Internet in which Gaga feeds from the hands of Driver.

So for the premiere, the date of which was also postponed, the audience had high expectations. And now on Twitter, Gaga is predicting an Oscar for a great acting game. In addition, the film has already been named the main picture of the year.

Meanwhile, the Gucci family called Ridley Scott's film an offense. The descendants of the brand owners do not exclude that the film director will be sued. According to them, the heroes of the picture were portrayed as ignorant rude people, endowed with behavior that they never differed. The ten heirs and descendants of brand founder Guccio Gucci are currently consulting with lawyers and considering filing a lawsuit.

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