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Lana Del Rey Quitted Social Networks and Explained the Reasons for Her Decision

lana del rey deactivated social media

On Sunday, the popular singer from America upset her fans with unpleasant news. Recently, Lana Del Rey has deleted her social media accounts. But before doing this, the artist posted a video message in which she explained the reasons for her decision.

As the performer says, she now has a lot of work that requires confidentiality. In addition, she wants to develop some other skills and interests.

Earlier, Lana Del Rey revealed a video from her new album, which gained a record number of views. The video for the song Arcadia from the anticipated album has gained more than two million views per day on Youtube. In the song, the singer reflects on freedom, love, fragility, and the American dream. Lana del Rey shared that her upcoming album, Blue Bannisters, will be out on October 22nd.

Arcadia is the fourth single in a series of released tracks from Blue Bannisters, which was originally slated to premiere on July 4th.

The six-time Grammy nominee has already released Chemtrails over the Country Club, breaking the UK's all-time record for female vinyl album sales of the century.

Lana Del Rey, whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, is an American singer and songwriter. She became popular in the summer of 2011 when she showed her video for Video Games.

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