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Lindsay Lohan Is Getting Married, the Actress Boasted a Ring With a Huge Diamond

Lindsay lohan Announced Her Engagement

After going through a series of difficulties in her personal life, 35-year-old Lohan is finally truly happy. And she is preparing to try on a new role- as a wife.

Over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan on her Instagram account published a series of photos in which she was captured together with her chosen one.

In a series of romantic pictures, the Arab financier Bader Shammas happily hugs his beloved. And the performer of the main role in the comedy Mean Girls boasted a wedding ring with a large gem.

The American actress has been dating her boyfriend for over a year. In a few hours, the shots of 35-year-old Lohan have collected more than 300 thousand likes. However, she closed the ability to comment on the post.

Little is known about Lohan's chosen one- the man works as an assistant vice president for an international company in Dubai. There, by the way, the couple met once. Moreover, at first, they did not advertise the relationship, but then they came together to a music festival.

In addition, the audience's favorite will soon return to the screens. Lindsay will star in a romantic Christmas movie the filming of the project should start soon.

By the way, earlier Lindsay met with a Russian millionaire for more than a year, whom she accused of assault after parting.

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