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Lisa Banes, the Actress from Gone Girl, Died at 65 Due to the Scooter Accident

lisa banes

Lisa Banes, who was 65 years old, was hit by an electric scooter when she was crossing the street on her way to school on June 4. Lisa Banes from Gone Girl died on Monday, ten days after being seriously injured in a New York City accident. This tragic news was officially confirmed by her manager on Tuesday morning.

The actress had been immediately sent to the hospital, where she had suffered a head injury from which she never recovered. According to the police, the man who was driving the scooter left the scene of the crush, and no arrest was made. So, the investigation is still continuing.

All her friends are deeply depressed by the senseless death of Lisa who was kind and generous, always dedicated to her work on stage, and loved her family.

She was born in Ohio in 1955 and Lisa Banes’s actress career began in 1980, played in more than 80 films. She appeared in numerous TV shows and films, including roles in Girl Gone, starring also Ben Affleck, Cocktail with Tom Cruise, and Desperate Housewives series.

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