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London Police Released a Christmas Advent Calendar With Wanted Criminals

On the eve of Christmas, London police released an Advent calendar with photographs of wanted people and asked the public for help. Law enforcement officers posted their creative Christmas calendar on Twitter.

London Police Christmas Advent Calendar

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It got the name 12 days of Christmas crime. It features photographs of 12 criminals who are wanted for especially heavy crimes related to acts of a violent nature. The police called on the residents of the metropolis to help in the search for these people and published the first part of the Advent calendar.

Murder, stabbing, and firearms crimes have dropped in London this year. The website of the police says that law enforcement officers have directed their efforts to prevent violence during the holidays.

However, the British on Twitter criticized the idea of ​​the police. Commentators point out that Advent calendar criminals are wanted for violent acts or have a criminal record, so it's a bad idea to associate them with Christmas.

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