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Losing Weight While Eating: Exercise Bikes Were Installed at Chinese McDonald’s

Exercise Bikes in mcdonalds

Social media users were surprised to see a new interior of a McDonald’s restaurant in China. Along with the chairs, now there are exercise bikes, with the help of which visitors can lose calories without interrupting the meal.

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A video went viral on the Network in which the guests of a Chinese McDonald’s eat hamburgers and pedal at the same time- right at the tables in the institution. This became possible thanks to an unusual decision of the company- to put exercise bikes next to ordinary chairs.

Some think that such innovations would only harm health, while others, on the contrary, consider exercise bikes a good alternative to ordinary chairs.

For example, one Big Mac is estimated to contain 1,080 calories. This means that people will have to travel 13.5 to 27 miles on machines if they want to reduce their total calories.

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