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Madonna Broke Up With Her Boyfriend After Three Years of a Relationship

Madonna Boyfriend Split

Madonna's heart is free again. The 64-year-old star and her boyfriend, 28-year-old Ahlamalik Williams, have decided to split after more than three years of romance.

According to insiders, it has become difficult for the singer to maintain their romance at the same level, as she is now very busy with work. She has a very busy schedule, working on her upcoming biopic, new music, and taking care of her family. This may be evidenced by the fact that no more joint photos of the couple on the social networks of the star can not be found. They say that the former lovers have maintained warm friendships.

Madonna began dating Ahlamalik in 2019 after meeting him on her own Rebel Heart tour. At the time, he was one of the dancers touring with her.

Recently, Madonna posted a series of pictures from the recording studio, where she, sitting on a chair, poses in a black leather jacket, silk mini shorts, a corset, and tights. The caption to the pictures is more than neutral, it says that music and sushi save her life.

In half of the photo, the singer is wearing sunglasses, and in the other without them, she demonstrates her perfect skin without a single wrinkle. Some fans said that she looks great, but at the same time, there are a few comments about the performer becoming unrecognizable.

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