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Madonna in Mini Dress and With a Cake in the Shape of a Cross Celebrated Her 63rd Birthday

Madonna in Mini Dress and With a Cake in the Shape of a Cross Celebrated Her 63rd Birthday

American pop star Madonna is continuing to shock with her looks. The artist celebrated her 63rd birthday. The outrageous singer arranged the celebration in her best traditions and spent the day together with her six all children and a young lover. The 27-year-old dancer, Ahlamalik Williams, and the 63 celebrity went to Italy.

There, a spectacular costume party was organized. Like last year, the pop legend decided to celebrate her birthday with close friends and family. This time, the star threw a party that had a lot of ice cream. The hero of the occasion was dressed in a colorful mini-dress from Versace, which she complemented with jewelry on the neck, rings, and bracelets. The artist's head was decorated with stones, which also covered her forehead and cheekbones. In these clothes, the star posed with the children against the background of a candlestick in the form of a cross. Madonna also published a separate photo of her biological children- daughter Lourdes and son Rocco.

Judging by the photo of the festive table, Madonna invited at least three dozen people to the party. By the way, many details of the interior and decor were stylized for religious themes- crosses and faces of saints, which is not surprising, because Madonna often uses various spiritual symbols in her performances.

Well, the main feature of the evening was a huge cake in the form of a golden cross decorated with stones from candy canes. That evening, the guests also enjoyed ice cream.

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