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Madonna Was Criticized by Internet Users for Not Paying Her Team for the Work

madonna Not Paying Her Team

Millions of people would like to get into Madonna's team. But, as it turned out, it's hard to call it a dream job. Previously, the singer said that her employees do not receive monetary remuneration, for which she was harshly criticized by Internet users.

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Madonna Was Criticized

Madonna recently posted a post on Instagram in which she talked about her project with Steven Klein for V Magazine. In the joint picture, the photographer holds a knife to her face. Klein supervised a new photoshoot for the magazine and the singer thanked all her team members for their contributions, noting that they have created real art on a near-zero budget. Many users felt that Madonna was simply using people, covering it with high goals.

After a flurry of negative comments, Madonna deleted the post from Instagram, but the screenshot quickly spread across the web.

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