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Manchester City’s Footballer Is Accused of Rape. He Is Under Arrest and Is Awaiting Trial

The Defender From Manchester City, Mendy, Is Charged With Rape

Once the most expensive defender in the history of football (Manchester City bought him for a record 57.5 million euros), is involved in a scandal. Frenchman Benjamin Mendy was accused of rape and suspended from work with the team. The club published a statement in which it admitted that the fan-favorite was excommunicated from training during the investigation. At the moment, the athlete is detained: in the near future, the court will decide whether to send him to a pre-trial detention center for the duration of the process.

Little is known about the charges so far: the player was officially charged in connection with four episodes of rape and one episode of sex-related violence. It is reported that all of Mendy's victims are over 16 years old (which means he will not be accused of pedophilia). All the episodes happened, according to the investigation, at the height of the pandemic- from October 2020 to August 2021.

By the way, the lockdown, which in Great Britain was very strict and tough, was generally not very successful for Benjamin. The football player was brought to the police station several times with various violations. First, for driving without a seat belt and speeding, then for noisy parties at the very peak of self-isolation. The footage of the cops breaking up a fun event at Mendy's house was published in the press.

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