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Maneskin Showed a Clip With Footage From Bucha in Support of Ukrainian Refugees

Maneskin Video Ukraine

Maneskin did not stand aside from the tragedy that is currently happening in Ukraine. The musicians urged to help Ukrainian refugees, wherever they are.

Eurovision winners recorded a new single in support of Ukraine. The rockers also released a video where black-and-white footage of the artists themselves was replaced by heartbreaking photos of the troubles that the Russian army brought to Ukraine.

The Italian rock band asked fans, and everyone to create and distribute their own videos of similar content with the destroyed Ukrainian cities so that the whole world can see what horror Ukraine and Ukrainians had to face.

The corresponding video was published on the group's official page on Instagram, as well as on the YouTube channel. The musicians also asked subscribers to help financially refugees.

Earlier, the performers published an appeal in which they supported the Ukrainians and said that they would not come to Russia.

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