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Actress Evan Rachel Wood Says Marilyn Manson Raped Her While Filming the Music Video

evan rachel wood and marilyn manson

Evan Rachel Wood now claims that Marilyn Manson raped her. The scandalous incident occurred during the filming of the video for the song Heart-Shaped Glasses in 2007. The star of the series Westworld spoke about their relationship in a documentary Phoenix Rising. The film was shown at the Sundance Film Festival.

According to the actress, they agreed with the rocker to imitate sex in one of the scenes, but Manson decided not to pretend in front of the camera. Evan stressed that she did not agree to such actions, and added that she was given alcohol before filming. Wood and Manson were in a relationship at that time, the musician even admitted that the girl inspired him to create this song.

Wood added that she felt disgusting after that day. According to her, Manson hoped that Evan would tell reporters how beautiful and romantic the shooting of the video was.

A year ago, the girl publicly accused the singer of abuse. In her Instagram post, the actress called him a dangerous person and stated that the rocker's abuse began when she was still a teenager. In addition to Wood, the rock musician was accused of abuse by several other women.

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