Mark Zuckerberg Lost Billions, Going Down on the Forbes List
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Mark Zuckerberg Lost $ 6.6 Billion During Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp Crash

mark zuckerberg Lost Billions while facebook is crashing

The world's largest social networks Instagram and Facebook, as well as the WhatsApp messenger, were unavailable all yesterday evening. For about 7 hours, users could not log in, and the shares of leading Internet companies were falling. During this time, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who also owns other fallen services, lost 6.6 billion dollars. This was reported by Forbes: one of the richest people in the world moved from the fourth to the sixth line of the rating.

In addition, shares of the tech giant fell more than 5% on Monday, and since mid-October- already by 15%. This lowered Zuckerberg's fortune to 120.9 billion dollars. According to the data, he has lost about 19 billion dollars since September 13th.

largest social networks crash

The failure was of such a scale that the employees of the company could not communicate with each other, because their internal communication services also did not work. In addition, they could not get out of the office, because the security system was out of order and electronic passes did not work.

At the same time on the network, there were various reasons for the six-hour blackout. One of them was deleted DNS records. In simple terms, Facebook took a map telling computers how to find its sites and applications. It is currently unknown why the DNS records were updated- whether it was an employee error or a hacker attack.

As for the hacker attack. There was another suggestion that a hacker under the nickname @saqalislam hacked into internal systems of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. And before doing that, he announced this intention on his Instagram page.

Meanwhile, the media began to publish news that the personal data (usernames, email inboxes, location information, field information, phone number, and user ID) of 1.5 billion Facebook users was leaked into the network and was sold on the darknet. But it turned out to be false. At the corresponding screenshot of the announcement, you can see that it was posted on September 22, long before the crash.

However, in the morning, when the main platforms for communication came to life, the leadership of Facebook named the cause of the global outage. It seems that Facebook's servers were unable to communicate with each other. Facebook states that this disruption to network traffic has cascaded the way our data centers communicate, causing our services to stop working.

twitter crashing Facebook

Due to the outage, Facebook employees were unable to communicate with each other using their internal tools. This is because Facebook's email and tools are managed internally through the same domains that were unavailable. And since most of the company's internal services went down, employees couldn't remotely resolve the problem.

The massive Facebook crash affected other IT companies. In particular, those social networks and messengers, where users rushed. Crashes have been reported for Twitter, Viber, TikTok, Zoom, Snapchat, YouTube, Gmail, Netflix, and even Tinder. Their servers were experiencing peak loads and could not handle the flow of users.

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