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Marvel Got Its Own UNO Cards With Your Favorite Superheroes From the Movies

Marvel UNO

In the late 2000s, the fans of Marvel collected cards depicting superheroes and villains from the franchise. On each of them, in addition to the name of the superhero, his brief description and levels of development of intelligence, strength, speed, agility, special skills, and fighting skills were also given. Of course, it was possible to play such cards, but finding them now to remember childhood is quite difficult (and they will cost a lot).

But don't get down, board game makers UNO have some good news: they've released a new UNO Ultimate edition that is dedicated to the Marvel Universe.

The set includes four different decks of cards, each dedicated to one of the superheroes, including Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor, and Captain Marvel. Players fight for the team of the superhero whose deck they have chosen. Each character dictates special rules and has certain abilities.

In addition, the UNO x Marvel game includes a Danger Deck, which contains two sections of cards: Event and Enemy. 

Marvel UNO Boardgame

Despite the new possibilities and expanded borders, the basic rules of the game remain traditional: players match colors, numbers, and symbols with the card on top of the discard pile. But with a Marvel deck, they can also use their superhero abilities. You can still buy the collectible set at Amazon, Walmart, and Mattel. The series costs 14.99 dollars.

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