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Matt Damon Claims He Is Not Homophobic and Supports the LGBTQ+ Community

Matt Damon Was Shamed on Social Media

Matt Damon sparked outrage on social media by admitting that he recently stopped using the well-known swear word fagot because his daughter explained to him the meaning of the word.

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According to the actor, in his youth, it was not considered a homophobic insult. So, Matt once joked about using it in the presence of one of his daughters who left the table then. She went to her room and wrote a long and beautiful explosion on how bad and dangerous this word is.

The fact that the actor needed a treatise from his teenage daughter to realize the mistake caused outrage among his fans. A couple of months ago, the star allowed himself to use a word that is offensive to the LGBT community. That's why Damon posted a statement in which he completely denies his homophobia.

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