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McDonald’s Releases Tommy Cash’s Sad Meal With Pickles, a Burger With Sprats, and a Knife

McDonald’s Releases Tommy Cash’s Sad Meal

Fast-food chain McDonald's has promised to release the Sad Meal set by Tommy Cash. The rapper spoke about this on Instagram.

Tommy Cash is an extraordinary personality. Last week, the musician took part in collaboration of the year: he recorded a fit with the equally extravagant Little Big and Oliver Tree. The artists presented the track Turn It Up along with a video filmed in the best traditions of the representatives of the world of music. The surprises from Cash did not end there. The Estonian performer collaborated with the McDonald's fast-food chain.

The pessimistic lunch

Yesterday, a photo in the style of the Addams family appeared on the musician's Instagram account. The image of Tommy on it strongly resembles Gomez, only with long hair and seriously thinning. On the table in front of Cash is a tray of fast food products, and in his hands is a black balloon with a branded letter M. It's easy to guess what is happening: the artist offers his own interpretation of dinner at McDonald's- Sad Meal. Those who are inspired by a decadent mood are offered an unusual burger consisting of slices of rye bread with sprats and bacon, pickles instead of French fries, a frappe that resembles a bloody cocktail in color, and some kind of transparent liquid in the form of a sauce, on the lid of which is written: I’m hatin’ it.

The pessimistic lunch will be packed in a classic Happy Meal box, but with a different design. In the photo on Cash's Instagram, we can see a minimalistic black container with a smile, on the contrary, and a box in the form of a panel house, which, as it should be, evokes melancholy and despondency. As a toy that usually comes as a gift for a child's order, Tommy has attached a branded butterfly knife. Of course, this type of snack is not suitable for young visitors, but it can attract the attention of adults who have learned all the hardships of life.

The signature dinner from Tommy Cash inspired at least more than 27 thousand people: that is the number of comments under the musician's post. This is important because originally McDonald's representatives announced that they would release the set only if the artist's initiative gets 15 thousand comments. The goal was achieved in just an hour, but Tommy announced that the set will appear only in the fall of 2022 and will be available in all McDonald's of the world. It is unclear whether it will remain the same wild or change a little.

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