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McGregor Attacked Machine Gun Kelly. He Refused To Take a Selfie With the Fighter

MTV Video Music Awards scandal

MTV Video Music Awards was held in New York, hosted by the bright rapper Doja Cat. The best New Artist of the Year was Olivia Rodrigo whose hit Drivers License was named the Song of the Year. The best artist was named Justin Bieber, who attended the ceremony for the first time in many years, the best music video was MONTERO by Lil Nas X, and the best group was the veterans of K-pop BTS.

While stars shone with their outfits on the red carpet on the evening of September 12, others let off steam. A 33-year-old Irish fighter Conor McGregor, who was invited to the event as a host, had a conflict with a 31-year-old Colson Baker, the singer and the boyfriend of Hollywood star Megan Fox.

McGregor Attacked Machine Gun Kelly

As it turned out, the former UFC champion just wanted to be photographed with the star, but Machine Gun Kelly declined the request. Then the rapper, apparently, pushed McGregor away, as a result of which he dropped his cane and spilled the drink. The fighter could not hide his hurt pride and rushed at the singer with a desire to beat him, but then the security intervened in the matter in order to prevent a scuffle. After, McGregor threw his glass at the musician, shouted, and provoked him. Being restrained by the guards, Conor stabbed one of the officials. The Baker's girlfriend was quickly removed from the epicenter of events.

In July, McGregor broke his leg during the third fight with Dustin Poirier, after which he had to undergo a three-hour operation. Already next year, Conor is going to fully recover and return to the octagon.

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