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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Behaved Widely during the Billboard Awards

mgk and megan fox

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox made a huge impression at the Billboard Awards. The couple surprised everyone with their spectacular appearance. Right on the red carpet, the lovers showed a long French kiss, during which Kelly showed his absolutely black tongue! As the singer later explained, his tongue, which he painted just before the ceremony, became his "special accessory". Megan also tried to keep up with her beloved in originality. Her very extravagant dress from Maeve Reilly also shocked the guests of the event. Read also: It Became Know That Billy Porter Has HIV | A Film with His Participation Appears in the Fall

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly appeared at the ceremony not only as guests. Her loved one won one of the main awards of the prestigious Best Rock Artist award. And the absolute triumphant of the evening was Weekend, the ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez. He was honored with as many as 10 awards! The singer did not hide that he is completely happy. Other winners, besides Kelly and The Weekend, were: Taylor Swift received two awards for the best female artist, Lady Gaga, as the best dance artist, and Kanye West.
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