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Megan Fox Admitted That She and Her Fiancé Machine Gun Kelly Drink Each Other’s Blood

Megan Fox Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox recently announced her engagement to Machine Gun Kelly. After that, the actress made a shocking statement on Instagram that she and her future husband drank each other's blood to mark the solemn event.

In a recent interview with Glamor UK, the actress explained that it was just a couple of drops of blood. According to the girl, she controls herself more in such matters, as she is fond of esotericism, astrology, and practices meditation. She also performs various rituals on the full moon and new moon.

According to the actress, the 32-year-old musician can be very emotional and is literally ready to cut his chest with broken glass in order to give her his soul. When asked by journalists whether it happened that her lover so badly injured himself not only in words but also in reality, the celebrity answered in the negative. But she added that such proposals were made repeatedly.

In January 2022, the rapper proposed to Megan. He got down on one knee and put an emerald and diamond ring on the hand of the 35-year-old actress. Fox's engagement ring has a unique design. If Megan wants to take it off, she will feel pain, because, according to her fiancé, love is pain.

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