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Meghan Markle is now working with the Smart Works organization, which helps unemployed women

meghan markle

Meghan Markle wrote letters by herself to all women in the UK who are now trying to retire to work due to losing their jobs because of COVID.

Although she together with Prince Harry has moved to California, they still maintain a relationship with the UK organization Smart Works. The company provides clothes and instruction to unoccupied women to help them return to the work and start their careers again. Smart Works shared on Instagram a picture of Markle writing personal letters, each with one or two sentences where she wishes the women good luck with their future interviews. She also advised taking a deep breath and be yourself.

In order to celebrate a Month of Women's History and International Women's Day, Megan managed to find some free time to send a few words of encouragement to all women who needed support when they return to work. She also added that the reason why Smart Works attracted her is because of the idea of ​​charity that means to support and empower other women in their professional pursuits.

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