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Meta Has Shown Prototype VR Gloves That Will Make Objects Experience in Virtual Reality

Meta Has Shown Prototype VR Gloves

Meta is currently working on a tactile glove that will allow you to experience virtual reality objects. The company believes the device will become an integral part of the virtual interaction experience.

For seven years, specialists have been creating prototypes of a glove that will provide a tactile connection for the user when interacting with objects in the virtual world. There are special inflatable elements inside the device that are located in the palm and fingers. At the same time, the prototype can not only reproduce tactile sensations but also work as a VR controller thanks to built-in markers.

metaverse Virtual Reality

The glove is capable of simulating pressure and feedback from objects, this creates the illusion of physical touch. The glove can analyze the environment and reduce the pressure mimicking the real touch. For example, when you touch something with your hand, you can feel the object pressing into the skin, and if you hold it in your arms, the glove simulates a feeling of opposition.

The company has been inventing the technology since it acquired Oculus in 2014. At the same time, there is still too early to talk about the mass production of such gloves. The developers want to grow the number of drives while decreasing the size of the device itself.

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