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Mexican Rapper Replaces Natural Hair With Gold Chains and Becomes an Internet Sensation

Mexican Rapper Replaces Natural Hair With Gold Chains

It seems that soon it will become boring among rappers to show off packs of money, as 23-year-old musician Dan Sur has launched a new trend- gold bars. Moreover, not only he poses with them for his videos on social networks, but also went further: instead of natural hair, gold chains with diamonds cover his head.

The rapper from Mexico previously had the usual black long curls but decided that this image did not suit him, and it is time to change his appearance dramatically.

In one of his videos, Sur noted that he was interested in carving his own path in the world of rap, which led him to similar metamorphoses in appearance, and the first post of the artist on his account dates from April 10th.

According to the rapper, he spared no expense for this procedure. Sur said that each of the chains is attached to its own hook, which was implanted into his scalp throughout his skull.

Dan claims to be the first and only musician to undergo this procedure to date. In addition to golden hair, the artist has gold veneers, and a massive gold collar adorns his neck. In his other posts, the performer demonstrates a necklace made in the form of several linked gold bars.

After Sur's appearance changed, he began to generate increased interest from the public, and the number of his followers on social networks began to grow. On Instagram, 42.4 thousand people follow him, and on TikTok, the number of subscribers is approaching two million.

Perhaps, Dan Sur was inspired by the act of another American rapper Lil Uzi Vert, who in February of this year implanted a rare pink diamond worth 24 million dollars into his forehead. In September, he jumped into the crowd and lost his jewelry.

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