A Boutique of Michigan Mistakenly Told a Job Applicant That She Is Not So Cute
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Michigan’s Boutique Was Accused of Judging an Appearance of a Job Applicant

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We all know that it is unacceptable for a business manager to give a comment on the appearance of a job applicant. But a boutique of Michigan did the worst by mistakenly sending an email to a girl saying she is not so cute. 

Gracie Lorincz, who has recently applied for a brand ambassador, got an email that said she is not so good for this position because of her appearance. The incident happened on Wednesday when the vice president of operations of Ava Lane Boutique accidentally sent his letter reply with a refuse to hire a girl. The husband of the owner added that he isn't sure about Gracie's education. 

After this, the offended girl uploaded a video of her reaction on the TikTok application, which immediately went viral. The post, which appeared a day ago, has already gained hundreds of thousands of likes and comments where people were expressing their dissatisfaction.

In addition, viewers decided to leave 1-star reviews on Google for the company, leaving angry, saying the company contradicts its goal of empowering women.

Then, Chuck together with his wife Laura Langen DeGrendel, made a public apology on social networks, admitting the fault. He explained his unprofessional work by the absence of the HR officer who was responsible for the interviews with the potential candidates.

In addition to the negative comments, he and Laura received a lot of threats to their family as their phone numbers and addresses went public.

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